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Some clients comments

I had a very stressful year in 2010 from my mother having an affair, both my grandmothers being diagnosed with cancer, a bereavement and dealing with older issues with my relationship with my father. I would never have got through it without this counselling. I found myself overcome with anxiety and panic attack. Never having experienced these before I found them physically and emotionally draining. The counselling gave me coping strategies for the panic attacks and made me understand how my mind works when having one.

Mr F. (Frimley)

'I went to counselling because I felt depressed and tired, talking about how I felt made me realise I was stuck in a rut. Counselling helped me make changes and I have now changed jobs and my confidence has grown.'

Miss.D. ( Farnham)

' My mother died very traumatically when I was a teenager,recently coming up for retirement I found I was unable to cope at work and kept getting flashbacks. I had counselling and with difficulty I gradually began to talk about my Mother's death, and as I expressed my feeling of guilt over her death and other events in my childhood I felt such a weight lift off my shoulders.Now my only regret is that I didn't go earlier.

Mr.B. (Guildford).

' Recently I was unable to cope at work following a change of job and I was having marriage problems. I came to counselling and after a while began to make a few changes and now my marriage is working much better and I am more effective in my job.'

Mr. D (Southampton)

'I have never known my father and recently found out where he lives I wanted to contact him but he did not want to know me. I was devasted and unable to cope at all. Counselling help me deal with this and has also given me new direction and the bonus is that I have discovered strengths I never realised I had.

Mrs. S (Farnborough)

' For the first time since having chronic fatigue have I felt really understood. I have learnt how to manage within the limitations of the illness and for the first time feel in control not helpless. I can also see that by making certain adjustments in my life I am gaining in energy and confidence.'

Miss. M (Camberley)

My 15 year old was having difficulty coping after my divorce, counselling helped her through a difficult time.

Mrs. A. (Bracknell)

This has been such a bad year I have had one crisis on top of another, counselling gave me support and helped me to clarify which issues I needed to deal with and which I needed to work on longer term.

Mrs. B. (Bordon)

I have always had a temper but it was starting to get me into trouble, now I know what causes it and the reasons behind it. More importantly I know how to handle situations in a new way and my relationship with my partner has improved. Work has improved and I can also control any panic attacks I have.

Mr.C. (Aldershot).

Please note initials and areas have been changed to maintain clients privacy.

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